ZATCA e-invoice with QR code for WooCommerce sites
Siteay proudly offers a distinctive addition to WordPress sites, which is E-invoice Plugin with QR-Code for WooCommerece Sites that generate automatic electronic invoices according to the requirements of the Saudi Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA), automatically and without customer or user intervention, in an easy and simple way, in both English and Arabic languages.
Electronic invoice application with QR code
The electronic invoice shall be simplified, printed on paper, with all required fields appearing on the invoice, in PDF format (PDF/A-3, XML) with all required visible fields in readable form with a QR code.
With this plugin, you can easily create and download more than one electronic invoice automatically for the same purchase process, where the electronic invoice is uploaded to the local storage unit on the computer or phone
Electronic invoice application with QR code
  • As for customers, they can obtain more than one copy of the invoice without complication, just by pressing a button. After completing the purchase and sending their request through the website, the electronic invoice will quickly be downloaded to their device.
  • We are ready to provide support and maintenance for free, and this plugin will also be updated to include other Zakat, Taxes, and Customs Authority requirements for the year 2023.
 A Perfect ZATCA E-Invoicing WordPress Plugin

To stay updated about this new ZATCA e-invoicing, it is crucial that you must exercise due diligence for its viability and test it as much as you can thoroughly so that you won’t face any issues when the system takes place. 

Application interface

The interface of the application is very simplified and accurate. When activating this plugin on the store’s website, the user can enter the store’s information settings such as store name, tax number, and others.

One of the most important features of this plugin is the speed of its installation and use, as it does not require you to change the nature of the work of your store or add the goods again and determine their value or quantity and other complex operations as if you are back to zero!. All you have to do is add your store name and tax number and that’s it.